Hot Pro League in Quake World Championship 2020

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Hot Pro League in Quake World Championship 2020 – If you are a fan of the first-person shooter video game, then you should know Quake. This game is a legend which is developed by id Software and published by GT Interactive. The first game in the Quake series was released in 1996. Now many players are eager to get into its championship.
• The Pro League 2020
This championship is for pro players and this time; they get so many finalists which means that the battle will be more interesting. This championship will crown a new World Champion, and that is a prestigious title for the winner.

Not only that, but the MVP from the championship will also get some prizes. The players will compete to reach 150 thousand dollars. Not only that, but the winner of this championship will also get their name embedded into the Quake World Championship Belt.

• Meet the Players
This game is so popular in the America and Europe continents, so this championship is the battle between the American and European players. Unlike Quake, online games website is popular in many countries, not in several countries only. The players are the top 10 from each server (NA/SA & EU/CIS). Not only that, in each championship, but there are also Quake Challengers and this time they are Garpy, stOn3, Maxter, and sib.

• The Winner of All Time
This year winner is no other than Shane ‘rapha’ Hendrixson. Rapha is already well known as the top player in this game who already wins six times in QuakeCon Championship. Not only that but this year he also is awarded as Quake League MVP which confirms how great his playing skill is. That’s because he trains himself in playing the game.

Rapha is called a legend among the fans since he has six team titles across multiple games with his Team Liquid and 18 Quake duel titles. He proves that experience and skill are essential in this game. Although many predict Rapha won’t make it this year because of a personal matter, he proves it wrong and claims the throne once again.

Are you dreaming of joining the league? Well, you need to work hard and improve your skill. Remember that the process will give the result you want.

Free Original Quake Game only for a Weekend
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Free Original Quake Game only for a Weekend

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Free Original Quake Game only for a Weekend – It is good news for players that the original Quake is free to download. Players can download the game and feel the nostalgic feeling by playing the game. This game was first released in 1996 and improved a lot over the years.
• It’s Free in Bethesda Launcher
On August 7 2020, QuakeCon announced through twitter. The game was free to download only through Bethesda Launcher on PC. This event happened as part of the 25th annual promotion of QuakeCon. This event also promotes the idea of staying at home during the pandemic.

QuakeCon made the giveaway only for the weekend started August 7 to 9. So, players should be fast to grab this game. Not only that, but players also needed to download Bethesda Launcher on their Pc and signed-in to the account, then the player could start the download. Fortunately, this launcher is available for Windows 7 through 10 which ease players to get the launcher.

• Game History
Quake game was released in 1996 by id Software, became a legend in the first-person shooting game. The game is the first of the Quake series, but it actually followed ‘DOOM’ game which has a modern remake and remains popular up to now. However, online casino games are not only popular because of the game but because of the jackpots too.

Quake game has single-player and also multiplayer modes. The single-player mode features Ranger, as the main character, and his enemy, Quake. The enemy utilized a Slipgate and sent its minions to screw up the human dimension. This engaging story may be more interesting if there are jackpots such as in

• The Promotion of QuakeCon 2020
QuakeCon 2020 took place virtually on August 9 and fans could watch it through Bethesda’s Twitch account. Beside of the competition, there were cooking show, a speedrun, cosplay competition, and many more. On August 8, there were some activities such as a podcast about ‘Fallout 76’, some interviews, invitational finals for DOOM Eternal Battlemode, discussion about DOOM Eternal, and many more. All of the events can be accessed online, so fans could stay at home and enjoy the show.

To promote QuakeCon 2020 also to encourage fans to stay at home, the committee released the first game so fans can play for free. Although it is only available for a specific time, many players were excited with this chance to play the classic game once more.

Quake Series for Your Best FPS Game
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Quake Series for Your Best FPS Game

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Quake Series for Your Best FPS Game – Nowadays, the trend of FPS game is becoming more and more popular. You can see that from the number of FPS games that was released in the last decade. There are tens of them and this means there was at least one FPS game that was released every single year. If you are into this kind of game, then you need to know that there is one FPS game title that is worth to try. It is Quake. Quake has been one of the best FPS games that you all of the pro players have to play at least once in their life. If you are wondering what made the game is worth to play, there are two main reasons that you need to know. Here are those reasons.

– A lot of Different Series
The first reason why the Quake FPS game worth to play is because of the series. For your information, Quake FPS game was started more than two decades ago. It was the time when PC gaming was still very popular. That was the first time Quake FPS game was released. Some years after that, Quake released a lot other series under the name of Quake. Since that time until this time, there are already tens of Quake games that were made for some different platforms such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and some other platforms. That is because the publisher wants to make sure that all of the people are able to play this Quake FPS game despite of the gaming platform that they have.

Quake Series

– Simple but Amazing Gameplay
Another thing that attracts a lot of attention from this game is the fact that the game mode is quite simple. Yet, the features, the graphics and the gameplay are some of the things that the Quake game highlighted since the first release of the game. Talking about the graphics, the game is surely one thing that follows the changes of the technology. However, you can always say that Quake always give the one of the best FPS graphics that you can get on every of its series. Meanwhile, for the gameplay, Quake actually divided into some different game series. Some of them are meant for playing with some other players online. Meanwhile, there is also another series that is meant to give you the best gameplay for single player. So, you can choose which kind of Quake FPS game that you want to play.

How Can Random Players Join Quake Pro League and Quake Con 2020?
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How Can Random Players Join Quake Pro League and Quake Con 2020?

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How Can Random Players Join Quake Pro League and Quake Con 2020? – Are you a fervent Quake player looking for more challenges? Then, you should definitely slip into Quake Pro League! This competition rolls all year round and you can even join QuakeCon 2020 if you succeed in it! Wait, but how can you do it?

•About QuakeCon
QuakeCon is Quake’s annual competition organized by ZeniMax Media. It had been held since Quake’s first year of release in 1996. Since Quake is such a big hit in America and Europe, the competition is held every year without any breaks. The public interest is almost as huge as their interest on online poker games in

The events are always offline, though you got to bring your own PC to join. For this competition, Quake’s developers even created several exclusive versions such as QuakeWorld, Quake III Arena, Quake Live, and Quake Champions.

•About Quake Pro League
Rather than the old-timer QuakeCon, Quake Pro League is a new competition. It is organized by FACEIT and was announced on November 3rd, 2019. Basically, instead of yearly competition, Quake Pro League offers weekly ones with 20 selected top players from QuakeCon 2019. Every weekly competition is broadcasted and documented by FACEIT Studio in London and scheduled to keep on going until QuakeCon 2020.

•How Can You Join Them?
As you can see, Quake Pro League’s schedule works around QuakeCon 2020. In other words, if you can join the Pro League, you will be able to join QuakeCon as well. But how can we do that? Well, fortunately, FACEIT made four separate minor events where other players can compete with the top ones. Prizes aside, if you win in this minor event, there is a chance to get a seat at the bottom of the ranks. From then on, you will be able to join the weekly championship and stay until QuakeCon 2020 if you have enough gaming skills to do so.

Now, when are these minor events? As we have told you, there are four separate minor events They are held in November 2019, February 2020, May 2020, and lastly on QuakeCon 2020 in August 2020. You can compete in the closest minor event to seize the chance and join the ranks as the top players.

Yes, the first rounds are made for 20 selected players exclusively. However, if you want to join the ranks, you can try joining the minor events in hope of a seat, even at the lowest rank. If you can win and persevere, it’s possible to make it to QuakeCon!

Looking For Ongoing Gaming Competition? Follow Quake Pro League!
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Looking For Ongoing Gaming Competition? Follow Quake Pro League!

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Looking For Ongoing Gaming Competition? Follow Quake Pro League! – E-Sports can be as fun to watch as regular sports. However, what made them more interesting is that there are more chances for everyone to participate in it. Are you looking for an E-Sport competition you can jump into? Then try Quake Pro League, a gaming competition that goes all year round!

• What Are We Playing?
Quake Pro League is not some random gaming competition – the event was made especially for Quake, a first-person shooter game that has been around since 1996. Of course, people today are not actually competing on its first release (though some still play it for fun), but the latest releases.

Throughout the years, Quake had released the game using different types of platforms, though PC is still the most popular today. The series itself had released seven versions of the game, such as Quake, Quake II, Quake III Arena, Quake III: Team Arena, Quake 4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and Quake Champions – not including the mission packs. The latest competition used Quake Champions.

• The Competition System
Quake Pro League is rather new compared to QuakeCon, another Quake competition that has been around since the first version of the game was released. It is hosted by FACEIT, a leading competitive gaming organizer in North American and Europe. Though it is a different business to QuakeCon, the schedule is built around it. After all, FACEIT’s chosen 20 top players will first compete in QuakeCon 2019 to sort the global ranking. After the ranking is settled, these players will be competing again weekly via FACEIT platform. These weekly competitions are purely online and are broadcasted (the broadcast itself will always be documented from FACEIT Studio, Earlsfield, London.)

• Can Anyone Join In?
Wait, if the top players are chosen and already competing weekly, how can others join in? Well, FACEIT also conducted four minor events prior to and on QuakeCon 2020. These events are offline and open for any challengers who dares to try and compete with the top players. They are set in November 2019, February 2020, May 2020, and lastly concluded on QuakeCon 2020. The challengers may receive guaranteed prizes and offer to sit on the lowest rank of the top players and join the weekly championship.

Being conducted all year round doesn’t mean that anyone can join at any time – there are schedules for daring challengers to try and join the ranks. If you are interested in playing, watching, or even betting on the results, follow the schedule and don’t miss a second!

What is Quake and Why Do You Need To Know
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What is Quake and Why Do You Need To Know

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What is Quake and Why Do You Need To Know – Quake is one of the oldest first-person shooting game there is. Ever since its release in 1996, the game continued to grow into a series that is loved by all. In fact, it is so loved that there has been an annual competition using the game software alone!
• About Quake
As we have mentioned above, Quake is a first-person shooting game developed by id Software. First person means you become the main player to control the game, just considering that it was released in 1996 and thrived until today, the game can successfully be the oldest digital shooting game in existence.

Despite the fact that it is supposed to be the descendant of The Doom series, Quake is not overshadowed by its predecessor. In fact, it was able to produce several versions since the beginning of the franchise to this year. Good games are commonly like this. They aren’t overshadowed by any other games, like online online gambling at aren’t overshadowed by the popularity of the online games.

Based on the software alone, the game had produced at least four different ones, which are Quake I, Quake II, Quake III Arena, and Quake 4. These four versions were developed with the intention to make a Player vs AI game. So, though the software was used in the tournaments, id Software continued to develop the series into something that suits PvP gaming more. So, Quake Live (2010) and later on Quake Champions (2018) was developed.

• The Fanbase
You read that correct, the game is still developing in 2018. So, despite being an old contender in a first-person shooting game, it is still very relevant even to the new wave of players. In fact, it is so relevant that there are forums on many different gaming websites that are still active, including Bethesda, Steam, and Doomworld. Yes, the game is thriving in a site of its predecessor! Not to mention, these forums don’t only focus on the latest arrival of the series, Quake Champions, there are also forums that focus on the older versions of the game and they are still active!

• The Annual Event
Interested to join the gargantuan fanbase of Quake? Well, you can simply join the forum. However, if you want something more, brace yourself for QuakeCon 2020. This event is a Quake’s annual championship with world-wide contestants.

The name might not be very popular worldwide, but Quake does have loyal fans. Though its popularity may be centered in America, this game is so popular to be able to hold a competition every year. In fact, the competitors don’t only come from America (though most did) and some even ended up as the champion of the tournaments.

The Year of Doom: QuakeCon 2019

The Year of Doom: QuakeCon 2019

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The Year of Doom: QuakeCon 2019 – The event was held back in July this year for four days, from 25 to 28. Prior to the D-days, fans have been enthusiastic. Everyone was interested to attend or to watch it from home. Just as advertised before, this event has been a successful one with the entire expected highlights was offered in the event.
– Year of Doom
Scheduled to be released this year, Doom Eternal was a major highlight during the event. 2019 is going to be the 25th anniversary of the doom series, and it makes a decent number to celebrate anyway. Doom Eternal has been a popular games so far so famous. Since the announcement, the event organizer already talked about wonderful agendas related to this.

In addition to new information on the game, organizer mentioned several other plans including hands on demo of the game which excites millions of gamers, developer panels which is more like an awesome exhibition, and several exclusives, events, and activities that are Doom inspired.

– What to Expect
When the event was announced named after an id shooter, it was clear that attendants should expect the regular fun they get from this annual event. Plus, Quake was going to get a lot of attention. Attendants were assured to find bring-your-own-computer LAN party, which is a kind of tradition on this event, as well as tournaments!

This year is event was held in Texas. Learning from every year success, the organizer booked the best venue for the event. The attendants got to join the fun in Gaylond Texan Resort, and this event was opened for public and totally free, as usual.

– Surprises on the Schedule
In addition to the tournaments for Elder Scroll, attendants got to enjoy a lot more expected surprises including Quake Pro League, panel on the future of Fallout 76, and evolution of ESO, and more on Doom. To sum up the entire event, attendants enjoyed the BAWLS Chugging, Pick Your Pony station, Dirty Keyboard contest, quake Blind and Hot Seat, as well as BYOC Community tournaments and Youngblood 80s Twin Day.

The event was a major success with full house status every day. It isn’t a surprise that this event was a success, but people now expect something at least like this for the next year. What will they offer for next year?

Love Shooting PvP? Get Ready For QuakeCon!

Love Shooting PvP? Get Ready For QuakeCon!

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Love Shooting PvP? Get Ready For QuakeCon! – Do you love shooting games? Do you also love to play while competing with other players? Well, then you can play a multiplayer, PvP game like Quake Champions on your device or join its annual championship altogether! So, when will it start?

• About Quake
A descendant of The Doom Series, Quake is a first-person shooting game. The game itself was first released in 1996 as Quake I and held up its reputation (as well as its fantasy themes) until today. Just as how Quake maintain the popularity, Quake also maintains the same reputation in gaming world.

In fact, the game wasn’t only released and enjoyed by the mass, but also steadily improving with time. Since its first release, there had been software updates every several years. In total, there are three major updates such as Quake II (1997), Quake III Arena (1999), and Quake 4 (2005). If you pay attention closely, good games tend to have the series.

But how can a game, with its latest release in 2005, can be relevant in 2019, you ask? Well, those are the major updates, but that doesn’t mean the game didn’t continue to improve itself. In fact, there are three more updates since 2005, including Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (2007), Quake Live (2010), and Quake Champions (2018).

• About Quake Con
Quake doesn’t update for nothing. In fact, after eight long years of update hiatus, Quake was brave enough to update once again thanks to its loyal fans. However, are the loyal fans enough to make this game relevant? Yes! In fact, despite the lack of updates, Quake has been upholding its annual event and tournament: Quake Con. In fact, since 1997, Quake Con never took any hiatus. Year after year, the event kept on growing to what we can call one of the biggest gaming tournaments world-wide. Surely, if one wants to experience an international game tournament, they will not be disappointed to come to Quake Con.

• The Venue
Since it was first started, Quake Con had been held in Dallas during Summer (or around August, to be more precise). And just like its loyal fans, Quake Con had stayed there. In fact, the official web already put up the date and venue: August 6-9, 2020 in Dallas.

Apparently, Quake doesn’t only have a tournament or two – it has annual tournaments ever since 1997 and hasn’t taken any break since! So, expect passionate contestants with actual skills showing up on the venue. Unfortunately, though, the closest Quake Con in August 2020. If you are interested, you can visit the official Sbobet website.

The Fun You Can Get Through the Quake Game Series
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The Fun You Can Get Through the Quake Game Series

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The type and design of the video games have changed a lot in these past years. The old version of video games has changed with the new type of first-person shooter video games which launched by id Software. The Quake Game Series becomes a pioneer in the realistic video games played in the PC. People love to play the Quake Game Series since they found the fun when playing this game. Here are the lists of the fun you can get through the Quake Game Series.
– 3D World
The 3D technology allows the players to experience the new level in playing the video games. The environment created by the creators in all Quake Game Series comes in the form of the 3D world. It is a new thing that never found in the other video game before. In this game, players can feel the real experience of battling with their enemies. Using the 3D technology, the player is able to look around freely.

– E-Sport
The tournament of the e-sport began with the Quake series. A fun thing you can enjoy by playing the Quake Game Series is that you can join the e-Sport competition or tournaments which are specialized in the Quake Game. There are some Quake Game competitions or tournaments that you can join too, such as Cyberathlete Professional League, Electronic Sports World Cup, QuakeCon, World Cyber Games and World Series of Video Games.

– Multiplayer Games
Nothing more fun than playing games together with your friends. It will give you more fun to play the Quake Games with other players. The developers of the Quake Game Series have successes in mapping the multiplayer maps with a unique concept. The social part in a multiplayer game has made the player can experience the teamwork with their partners to defeat the enemies.

– The Pioneer Concept of the Clan
Through the quake games, the term of Clan was born. Thanks to the concept of the multiplayer games created by the Quake Game Series. Recently, you can enjoy various games of the clan because of the organizational structure created by the Quake Games.

the Quake Game Series

– Cool Rocket Jumps
One of the weapons, you can use in the Quake Game Series is the rocket jumps. You will not meet this kind of weapon in other action games. The Rocket jump is a method that can make the player play father by the explosion of the rocket. This is a cool weapon that only can obtain in the Quake Game Series.

That was the list of fun you can get through. This fun can make you more enjoying the game as you find many cool features in the game.

Is the Quake Game Series good enough?
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Is the Quake Game Series good enough?

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The Quake Game Series is the type of action video games which played in the first-person shooter. For the game lovers, the name of Quake game must be quite familiar. There are many types of action games out there besides the Quake Game Series. Is the Quake Game Series good enough to play? To answer the question, read the Quake Game review presented down here.

The Game Design
The Quake Game Series come is 3D rather than 2D. This makes the quake game more attractive than another shooter games. The player can feel the real adventure of a shooter game with interesting lighting, sound, and gravity. The player can feel the maximize pleasure if played with the analog sticks as the main accessories used by the game players.

The look of the objects and other elements in Quake Game is clear and smooth. This can give a clear vision for the player to know the location of the enemy precisely. In the Quake Game, the player can attack the enemy almost from any angle and position. This is a way easier than the other competitor games.

The Control
You can control your weapons by carefully pointing it to your enemy. The Quake makes new standard control for the weapon’s setting. Once you master it, you can kill your enemies easily. In order to control the game, the use of a three-button mouse is needed. It will help you to turn, move and shoot in any angles you want. It will help you to play in the underwater or the Deathmatch easily than before.

The Weapons
Most game players love to play action or shooter games because they can get various types of guns to kill the enemies in the game. There are many weapons you can use in Quake Game. They are short guns, grenade, lighting guns, rocket launchers, and nail guns.
Make sure that you save your ammunition and don’t shoot to the walls until all the monsters are dead. You can get the power-ups which are hidden in the game. Find them throughout the game that can make you gain the new power.

The DeathMatch
If you don’t have a gut, don’t ever try the Deathmatch. All you need to do is killing as many enemies as possible. The developer and designer of the quake Game have designed the environment with many nooks for hiding while the enemies can appear suddenly forms any sides. It needs special skills to play the Deathmatch rather than luck.
In summary, the Quake Game review above explains that the Quake Game Series is the best. You can see from the lists of series has launched by the game’s creators. The atmosphere, environment, and setting provide to the game players are beyond the expectation.

What You Need to Know about Quake Game
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What You Need to Know about Quake Game

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There are many kinds of esports that are being popular among gamers such as fighting games, real-time strategy, first-person shooters and fighting games. One of the games that are specialized in first-person shooters is Quake Games.

– What is Quake Game
Quake game is a series from id Software which was first released and published by GT Interactive in 1996. This is a first-person shooter video game which the player needs to find a way through the labyrinth, primitive environments and fighting monsters. Quake already offered full 3D and later developed with the multiplayer options, so the players could play with other users online through the Quakeworld.

– Quake III Arena
This game was released in December 1999 and has the feature of multiplayer options. The game was more focusing on the multiplayer options and the single-player mode will play against the controlled bots from the computer. Many gamers praised this game since it was more fun and engaging. This game also has been featured in esports competitions such as Quakecon, Electronic Sports World Cup and Dremhack.

– Quake 4
Quake 4 was developed by Raven Software collaborated with id Software. Quake 4 offered a military science fiction for the player and focusing more on the single-player portion rather than a multiplayer mode. Quake 4 was launched for Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X and Xbox 360.

– Quake Live
Quake Live is based on the Quake III arena and it was launched via a web browser plug-in in 2008. Originally, Quake Live is a free-to-play game and was an invitation-only closed beta. In February 2009, the game was opened to the public and it received over 113,000 user accounts in the first day of launch. Due to the financial crisis in 2007-2010, the game started to have paid subscription in 2010.

– QuakeCon
The first QuakeCon was held in August 1996 in Garland, Texas with around 100 participants. In August 1999, the id Software realized that this event could be more successful with more major sponsors. 1999 QuakeCon became the template of the event until present with around 1,100 participants to this event. Last year, there are around 2350 participants who attend this event.

This game series is still popular among the gamers as we could see it from thousands of gamers who attend the conventions. The price that the convention offers for the winners of the tournament is also big which reached up to USD$ 300,000. So, have you played one of the games from Quake Series?

The Latest Quake Series Game
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The Latest Quake Series Game

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Those who claim themselves as the big fan of quake series game must have known that the legendary game series has been around since 1990s. Thanks for all the fans’ love, the series consistently upgrading their plot, display and weapon to deepen the gaming experience. Anyone knows the latest title from quake series?

The Quake Champions
Released on July 2018, this game successfully captures global attention for its great first person shooters. Without doubt, it is one of the strength kept by the developers. Just like the previous series, the players could enjoy great team tag experience with brand new story.

Aside from the new graphics and story, there is one more exciting thing about the quake champions. The game allows the players to choose one characters with its unique abilities. In the other words, they could pick an avatar that has similar fighting style with the real players. It might seem to be an upper hand for the players, but actually there is no higher advantage. The developers make sure that all players will have fair battle.

Quake Arena Arcade
This game might not be the latest, since it was released back in 2010. Still, in the time frame, this is the last game launched by id Software before the quake champions. This version accommodates those who love to play in Xbox. There is no significant change of the story line and battle arena. In total, the players could play in 40 different arenas. Most of them can be found on the previous series.

It might be difficult for a game to win the hearts of the young as well as the more experienced players. Luckily, it is not the case for quake series game. The developers knows how to please the audience and loyal players. Still doubt it? Just try the quake champions and quake arena arcade!

Tips To Play Quake Series Game For Beginners
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Tips To Play Quake Series Game For Beginners

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Before playing quake series game, answer this question: is it the first time? If the answer is yes, step back and learn some tricks first. This step won’t be mentioned in the manual, but learning about the trick will surely give an upper hand. Get ready to receive all the knowledge!

The Characters
There are several avatar that the players could play. Each of them has weakness and strength. Make sure to pick the right warrior. For example, the doom slayer could blow the enemy with a punch during battle, but tend to stay quiet in the team. A nyx, on the other hand, move without being detected and slay the enemies smoothly.

The Weapons
First of all, check how the weapon picking system on the game. In some series, the players are allowed to take starting weapons and take more during the battle. Some other series, however, allows no additional weapon during the battle. What the players pick in the beginning will be their final weapon.

The most recommended weapon with heavy damage is shotgun and machine gun. Take one based on the character’s fighting style. A close range battle will require shotgun, while arena battle should be backed up with the machine gun. Lighting gun is also popular considering its accuracy.

The Game Modes
Be prepared to have a match with different modes. In total, there are seven modes in quake games. Most of them has the “survive or die” goal. Take an example from team deathmatch and 2×2 deathmatch. Even some safe battle such as capture the flag might not be as innocent as it seems.

It is exciting to play in a team. Well, probably not so much when one of the players is a newbie. He or she will be the weakest link, while quake series game requires a good team work. Hey beginners, just read the tricks above and get ready to play!

The Most Loved Quake Series Game
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The Most Loved Quake Series Game

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When the new players are looking for more information about quake series game, a long list of titles will come up. The oldest one dates back to 1999, and the latest one was released on last July. Now, which title is most loved by the worldwide players?

The Change
From the first game release, id Software sold the individual experience of first person shooter. It gives a sense of individual achievement. Years ago, this concept has no objection, as gaming hasn’t been a huge hit like the recent modern days. When computers and electronic develops further, the game concept should adjust as well.

Id Software decided to go with multi players concept. With huge fan base, quake game series have no big rejection from the fans. In fact, they love the changes, as they need to build new strategy and find new friends. Instead of a turn down, the players take the change as a positive challenge.

The Rewards
One of the reasons for players to shower so much love to quake iii arena is the reward in the end of the battle. As most players have noticed, not many games give reward for a perfect team work. It is as if the perfect team work itself is the reward. Quake III, however, has great rewards for completing the mission.

Aside from the rewards, the players might get excited to see how durable the arena is. It is the proof that the developer thoroughly thought about the best setting for the maximum experience. Even in many video channel, lots of experienced players give tips on how to launch different types of attack.

Back then, the quake series game was focusing on first person shooters thrill. It happened for years, until the developers decide to use multi players battle. The Quake III Arena is the first game to brace this concept. Worldwide players love this huge leap, which also brings the “most favorite” title.

The Game Design of Quake Game Series
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The Game Design of Quake Game Series

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In this article, you will find the information about the game design of the Quake Game Series. Most people must be familiar with the Quake game since this game became a popular video game which played by many people. In this occasion, you will read about the game design of Quake Game Series. The design if the game will give you much information about the level of the game and how to get more power in the game.

The Fighting and Power-up
Since the Quake game is a multiplayer game, you need a strategy to win the battle. The player has to be a focus on the fights with the fast move and logical strategy. The melee weapons can be used to fight the enemies. To win the battle, the teamwork is a must. You can also use the tactical shooters if needed.
The weapons used by the player will affect the player in playing the game. The player can move aggressively toward the enemies or hide to find the right time to kill them. The power-ups can be found during the games. The players have to be able to get kill the enemies to gain powers and get the weapons. There are many variations of weapons which are available for the players.

The Level of the Game
The players can meet various levels in the Quake Game Series. They can experience a simple level up to the completed level of the environment created by the creators to make the game more challenging. In the beginning, the player will meet simple settings, such as a closed-space with doors up to the problem- solving environment which need deeper thinking as the solution.

The Multiplayer
The Quake Game Series is a multiplayer video game. It means that it allows some players to play at the same time. The Quake Game is a breakthrough in the game world, where the players can experience social experiments rather than play as a single player. There are two types of multiplayer games. They are small-scale of multiplayer and large-scale multiplayer. In the small-scale of multiplayer, the numbers of the players are limit into a certain number. On the other hand, the large-scale multiplayer, many players can join to play the same game at the same time.

There are various designs of Quake Game Series that you can get through its game. The game design of Quake Game Series can make the game more attractive to play. How is it now? Do you get interested to play the game?

The Review of Quake 4: The Type and Plot
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The Review of Quake 4: The Type and Plot

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Quake 4 Game Series is the fourth series of Quake game series. It is famous shooter video games that can be played in PC or computer. Quake 4 game is a PC video game which worked by Raven Software and id Software. The id Software is known as the creator of previous Quake Game series. In this project, the id Software functions as the supervisor and provider of the engine for the Quake 4.

The Quake 4 was published by the Activision in 2005. The game itself released on 18 October 2005 for the Microsoft Windows. Later on, it was released for the OS X, Linux and Xbox 360 as well. For the PC game lover, reading the review of Quake 4 can be the best way to find the information about the game characteristic itself.

The Type of the Game

Quake 4 game Series is a type of military science fiction of first-shooter video game. The military science fiction is the science fiction games that take the military principal character or military activity used as the implementation of the main character and the weapons for the game’s character. In this first- shooter video game, the player will experience the games through the eyes of the leading character in the game. The Quake 4 belongs to the action game. It means that the character needs to do the physical activity, such as the coordination of eyes and hand when shooting the enemies and fast reaction time.

The Plot

In the Quake 4 Game Series, the player will continue the adventure found in the Quake II. The protagonist character, the Corporal, Matthew Kane, he has to defeat the enemy, which is Strogg. Strong is a cyborg from the race of Alien. Kane and his Rhino Squad have to secure the Stroggos, the aliens’ planet of Strogg as the next mission. After some incidents during the mission, Kand and his squad gave the nest task to infiltrate the Tetranode with the electromagnetic bomb. In this mission, Kane and the other left-squad trapped in the situation where the Strogg defeat Kane and make him unconscious.

Kane saves by the Rhino Squad during the “stroggification” process. This process aims to change Kane into a Strogg. After escaping from the medical facility, they have to fight the Strogg. Finally, they are a success in reaching the Hannibal and get new command to destroy the Nexus core also kill Makron, the leader of Strogg.

One element that makes the games interesting to play is the plot. The review of Quake 4 in its game type and the plot can give a depiction to the game lover about the brief story of Quake 4 Game Series.

The Terms used in Quake Game Series
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The Terms used in Quake Game Series

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Playing the PC video games can be an interesting activity to do. There are many types of PC video gaming that available out there. One of the most popular PC video game is the Quake Game Series. The Quake game series is created and developed by the id Software and have successes in launched some series of Quake game with various plots and sets.
There are some terms used in the Quake game series. For the beginners, they can experience some misunderstanding in the process of reading some terms used in the Quake game series. Here is a clue for you! Below are the lists of terms found in the Quake Game Series.

First-person shooter
The Quake Game Series classifies to the first-person shooter. It means that the player plays the game from his perspective as the first person. If you played this game, you will feel as if you are the player and experience the real situation happened in the game through your eyes. The player will play the protagonist character in the games.

Shooter Games
Shooter game is the part of an action game. In this game, the player needs to respond fast, both in speed and action. The player will play an action as the protagonist character with the gun or long weapons as the arms. The aim of the player is to shoot or kill the enemy using the weapon they have. The player needs to be safe and not killed by the enemy to win the game.

3D is a type of three-dimensional computer graphics that used three values to adjust the position of the object which is stored in the computer to be processed into an image. The 3D graphics used as the technology in Quake Game Series is really interesting. It makes the player be able to experience the real situation as if the player jumps into the combat.

Multiplayer Games
The Quake Game Series is a multiplayer video game. What does it mean by multiplayer games? In a multiplayer game, you can play with the other players as a partner or the enemy. The multiplayer game makes the presence of two players or more is possible. Some players can share the same game at the time.

There are some terms used in the video games, as well as the Quake Game Series. Hopefully, the information about terms used in the Quake game series can help you to understand the game easily.

What is Quake Game Series?
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What is Quake Game Series?

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What is the Quake game series? For those of you who love to play shooting game, you must be familiar with the quake game series. It is a shooter video game which played by one person. These video games were developed by the id Software in 1996. It was published by GT Interactive in the same year. The game itself consists of some installments that need some expansions in some series.

The Regulation
There are some series of quake game has separated regulations for the players. The story of Quake II is not related to the original version of Quake games. It is because the aims to be a different franchise. The Quake III setting has little different but in general, has the same setting with the Quake II and 4.

The players can bring many weapons. There is no load out. You can get the weapons in the Quake game series by taking the weapons or kill your enemy.

The Lists of Game Series
Quake is a game series that comes with different series for every year. The original version of quake game comes in 1996 with the launch of Quake as the title of the games. The Quake in 1996 completed with the following series of Quake Mission Pack No.1: Scourge of Armagon in 1997 and Quake Mission Pack No.2: Dissolution of Eternity in 1997.

The nest Quake II comes in 1998 with two series. They are QuakeII Mission Pack: The Reckoning in 1998 and Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero in 1998.

The Quake III follows in 1999 with Quake III: Team Arena in 2000. The following Quake game comes in 2005 with the Quake 4. Next, the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in 2007 and in 2010 the series of Quake Live follow to launch. The latest quake game issued in 2018 with the title Quake Champions.

That is a brief history of Quake game series that can give you more relevant information about Quake game series. Hope this information is beneficial for you!