Free Original Quake Game only for a Weekend

Free Original Quake Game only for a Weekend

Free Original Quake Game only for a Weekend – It is good news for players that the original Quake is free to download. Players can download the game and feel the nostalgic feeling by playing the game. This game was first released in 1996 and improved a lot over the years.
• It’s Free in Bethesda Launcher
On August 7 2020, QuakeCon announced through twitter. The game was free to download only through Bethesda Launcher on PC. This event happened as part of the 25th annual promotion of QuakeCon. This event also promotes the idea of staying at home during the pandemic.

QuakeCon made the giveaway only for the weekend started August 7 to 9. So, players should be fast to grab this game. Not only that, but players also needed to download Bethesda Launcher on their Pc and signed-in to the account, then the player could start the download. Fortunately, this launcher is available for Windows 7 through 10 which ease players to get the launcher.

• Game History
Quake game was released in 1996 by id Software, became a legend in the first-person shooting game. The game is the first of the Quake series, but it actually followed ‘DOOM’ game which has a modern remake and remains popular up to now. However, online casino games are not only popular because of the game but because of the jackpots too.

Quake game has single-player and also multiplayer modes. The single-player mode features Ranger, as the main character, and his enemy, Quake. The enemy utilized a Slipgate and sent its minions to screw up the human dimension. This engaging story may be more interesting if there are jackpots such as in.

• The Promotion of QuakeCon 2020
QuakeCon 2020 took place virtually on August 9 and fans could watch it through Bethesda’s Twitch account. Beside of the competition, there were cooking show, a speedrun, cosplay competition, and many more. On August 8, there were some activities such as a podcast about ‘Fallout 76’, some interviews, invitational finals for DOOM Eternal Battlemode, discussion about DOOM Eternal, and many more. All of the events can be accessed online, so fans could stay at home and enjoy the show.

To promote QuakeCon 2020 also to encourage fans to stay at home, the committee released the first game so fans can play for free. Although it is only available for a specific time, many players were excited with this chance to play the classic game once more.

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