Hot Pro League in Quake World Championship 2020

Hot Pro League in Quake World Championship 2020 – If you are a fan of the first-person shooter video game, then you should know Quake. This game is a legend which is developed by id Software and published by GT Interactive. The first game in the Quake series was released in 1996. Now many players are eager to get into its championship.
• The Pro League 2020
This championship is for pro players and this time; they get so many finalists which means that the battle will be more interesting. This championship will crown a new World Champion, and that is a prestigious title for the winner.

Not only that, but the MVP from the championship will also get some prizes. The players will compete to reach 150 thousand dollars. Not only that, but the winner of this championship will also get their name embedded into the Quake World Championship Belt.

• Meet the Players
This game is so popular in the America and Europe continents, so this championship is the battle between the American and European players. Unlike Quake, online games website  is popular in many countries, not in several countries only. The players are the top 10 from each server (NA/SA & EU/CIS). Not only that, in each championship, but there are also Quake Challengers and this time they are Garpy, stOn3, Maxter, and sib.

• The Winner of All Time
This year winner is no other than Shane ‘rapha’ Hendrixson. Rapha is already well known as the top player in this game who already wins six times in QuakeCon Championship. Not only that but this year he also is awarded as Quake League MVP which confirms how great his playing skill is. That’s because he trains himself in playing the game.

Rapha is called a legend among the fans since he has six team titles across multiple games with his Team Liquid and 18 Quake duel titles. He proves that experience and skill are essential in this game. Although many predict Rapha won’t make it this year because of a personal matter, he proves it wrong and claims the throne once again.

Are you dreaming of joining the league? Well, you need to work hard and improve your skill. Remember that the process will give the result you want.