Love Shooting PvP? Get Ready For QuakeCon!

Love Shooting PvP, Get Ready For QuakeCon

Love Shooting PvP? Get Ready For QuakeCon! – Do you love shooting games? Do you also love to play while competing with other players? Well, then you can play a multiplayer, PvP game like Quake Champions on your device or join its annual championship altogether! So, when will it start?

• About Quake
A descendant of The Doom Series, Quake is a first-person shooting game. The game itself was first released in 1996 as Quake I and held up its reputation (as well as its fantasy themes) until today. Just as how Quake maintain the popularity, Quake also maintains the same reputation in gaming world.

In fact, the game wasn’t only released and enjoyed by the mass, but also steadily improving with time. Since its first release, there had been software updates every several years. In total, there are three major updates such as Quake II (1997), Quake III Arena (1999), and Quake 4 (2005). If you pay attention closely, good games tend to have the series.

But how can a game, with its latest release in 2005, can be relevant in 2019, you ask? Well, those are the major updates, but that doesn’t mean the game didn’t continue to improve itself. In fact, there are three more updates since 2005, including Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (2007), Quake Live (2010), and Quake Champions (2018).

• About Quake Con
Quake doesn’t update for nothing. In fact, after eight long years of update hiatus, Quake was brave enough to update once again thanks to its loyal fans. However, are the loyal fans enough to make this game relevant? Yes! In fact, despite the lack of updates, Quake has been upholding its annual event and tournament: Quake Con. In fact, since 1997, Quake Con never took any hiatus. Year after year, the event kept on growing to what we can call one of the biggest gaming tournaments world-wide. Surely, if one wants to experience an international game tournament, they will not be disappointed to come to Quake Con.

• The Venue
Since it was first started, Quake Con had been held in Dallas during Summer (or around August, to be more precise). And just like its loyal fans, Quake Con had stayed there. In fact, the official web already put up the date and venue: August 6-9, 2020 in Dallas.

Apparently, Quake doesn’t only have a tournament or two – it has annual tournaments ever since 1997 and hasn’t taken any break since! So, expect passionate contestants with actual skills showing up on the venue. Unfortunately, though, the closest Quake Con in August 2020. If you are interested, you can visit the official Sbobet website.

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