Quake Game Series – The Development

Quake Game Series - The Development

For those favoring video shooting games, Quake Game Series may be their must play games every day. This game has a wide variety of series and installments so that players always have different choices to play. Behind all the list of the game installments, here is how the game is developed from time to time:

The Beginning
As widely known, this game is a game of first-person. This shooting video game is developed by one of the well-known game developers named id Software. The game was then published in 1996 by GT Interactive. The very first version of games of Quake Game Series is the Quake. The game is all about getting the right way out of medieval maze-like environments while at the same time trying to defeat various monsters with various weapons and strategies.

The Successor
After the creation of the Quake, “if Software” tried to create the game’s successor. The developer created Doom Series. It is a Quake series that’s built upon that gameplay and technology used in the predecessor. This game features 3D rendering in real-time as well as carries support for the 3D acceleration thru OpenGL.

What Happened After Doom
The Doom series popularized multiplayer death matches. Quake then added a wide variety of multiplayer options. At that time, online multiplayer turned to be more common. The multiplayer mode the came with QuakeWorld update along with the software called QuakeSpy that made the playing and finding process against other players on Internet way easier and way more reliable. What is more, the software also offers a new feature which is music that’s composed by Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor.
Quake Game Series is not just a video shooting game. It has come from a long history and it has got a place in the players’ heart. Which series of the game have you played? Which one do you think is your favorite?