Quake Series for Your Best FPS Game

Quake Series for Your Best FPS Game

Quake Series for Your Best FPS Game – Nowadays, the trend of FPS game is becoming more and more popular. You can see that from the number of FPS games that was released in the last decade. There are tens of them and this means there was at least one FPS game that was released every single year. If you are into this kind of game, then you need to know that there is one FPS game title that is worth to try. It is Quake. Quake has been one of the best FPS games that you all of the pro players have to play at least once in their life. If you are wondering what made the game is worth to play, there are two main reasons that you need to know. Here are those reasons.

– A lot of Different Series
The first reason why the Quake FPS game worth to play is because of the series. For your information, Quake FPS game was started more than two decades ago. It was the time when PC gaming was still very popular. That was the first time Quake FPS game was released. Some years after that, Quake released a lot other series under the name of Quake. Since that time until this time, there are already tens of Quake games that were made for some different platforms such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and some other platforms. That is because the publisher wants to make sure that all of the people are able to play this Quake FPS game despite of the gaming platform that they have.

– Simple but Amazing Gameplay
Another thing that attracts a lot of attention from this game is the fact that the game mode is quite simple. Yet, the features, the graphics and the gameplay are some of the things that the Quake game highlighted since the first release of the game. Talking about the graphics, the game is surely one thing that follows the changes of the technology. However, you can always say that Quake always give the one of the best FPS graphics that you can get on every of its series. Meanwhile, for the gameplay, Quake actually divided into some different game series. Some of them are meant for playing with some other players online. Meanwhile, there is also another series that is meant to give you the best gameplay for single player. So, you can choose which kind of Quake FPS game that you want to play.

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