The Fun You Can Get Through the Quake Game Series

The Fun You Can Get Through the Quake Game Series

The type and design of the video games have changed a lot in these past years. The old version of video games has changed with the new type of first-person shooter video games which launched by id Software. The Quake Game Series becomes a pioneer in the realistic video games played in the PC. People love to play the Quake Game Series since they found the fun when playing this game. Here are the lists of the fun you can get through the Quake Game Series.
– 3D World
The 3D technology allows the players to experience the new level in playing the video games. The environment created by the creators in all Quake Game Series comes in the form of the 3D world. It is a new thing that never found in the other video game before. In this game, players can feel the real experience of battling with their enemies. Using the 3D technology, the player is able to look around freely.

– E-Sport
The tournament of the e-sport began with the Quake series. A fun thing you can enjoy by playing the Quake Game Series is that you can join the e-Sport competition or tournaments which are specialized in the Quake Game. There are some Quake Game competitions or tournaments that you can join too, such as Cyberathlete Professional League, Electronic Sports World Cup, QuakeCon, World Cyber Games and World Series of Video Games.

– Multiplayer Games
Nothing more fun than playing games together with your friends. It will give you more fun to play the Quake Games with other players. The developers of the Quake Game Series have successes in mapping the multiplayer maps with a unique concept. The social part in a multiplayer game has made the player can experience the teamwork with their partners to defeat the enemies.

– The Pioneer Concept of the Clan
Through the quake games, the term of Clan was born. Thanks to the concept of the multiplayer games created by the Quake Game Series. Recently, you can enjoy various games of the clan because of the organizational structure created by the Quake Games.

the Quake Game Series

– Cool Rocket Jumps
One of the weapons, you can use in the Quake Game Series is the rocket jumps. You will not meet this kind of weapon in other action games. The Rocket jump is a method that can make the player play father by the explosion of the rocket. This is a cool weapon that only can obtain in the Quake Game Series.

That was the list of fun you can get through. This fun can make you more enjoying the game as you find many cool features in the game.

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