The Game Design of Quake Game Series

The Game Design of Quake Game Series

In this article, you will find the information about the game design of the Quake Game Series. Most people must be familiar with the Quake game since this game became a popular video game which played by many people. In this occasion, you will read about the game design of Quake Game Series. The design if the game will give you much information about the level of the game and how to get more power in the game.

The Fighting and Power-up
Since the Quake game is a multiplayer game, you need a strategy to win the battle. The player has to be a focus on the fights with the fast move and logical strategy. The melee weapons can be used to fight the enemies. To win the battle, the teamwork is a must. You can also use the tactical shooters if needed.
The weapons used by the player will affect the player in playing the game. The player can move aggressively toward the enemies or hide to find the right time to kill them. The power-ups can be found during the games. The players have to be able to get kill the enemies to gain powers and get the weapons. There are many variations of weapons which are available for the players.

The Level of the Game
The players can meet various levels in the Quake Game Series. They can experience a simple level up to the completed level of the environment created by the creators to make the game more challenging. In the beginning, the player will meet simple settings, such as a closed-space with doors up to the problem- solving environment which need deeper thinking as the solution.

The Multiplayer
The Quake Game Series is a multiplayer video game. It means that it allows some players to play at the same time. The Quake Game is a breakthrough in the game world, where the players can experience social experiments rather than play as a single player. There are two types of multiplayer games. They are small-scale of multiplayer and large-scale multiplayer. In the small-scale of multiplayer, the numbers of the players are limit into a certain number. On the other hand, the large-scale multiplayer, many players can join to play the same game at the same time.

There are various designs of Quake Game Series that you can get through its game. The game design of Quake Game Series can make the game more attractive to play. How is it now? Do you get interested to play the game?

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