The Latest Quake Series Game

The Quake Champions

Those who claim themselves as the big fan of quake series game must have known that the legendary game series has been around since 1990s. Thanks for all the fans’ love, the series consistently upgrading their plot, display and weapon to deepen the gaming experience. Anyone knows the latest title from quake series?

The Quake Champions
Released on July 2018, this game successfully captures global attention for its great first person shooters. Without doubt, it is one of the strength kept by the developers. Just like the previous series, the players could enjoy great team tag experience with brand new story.

Aside from the new graphics and story, there is one more exciting thing about the quake champions. The game allows the players to choose one characters with its unique abilities. In the other words, they could pick an avatar that has similar fighting style with the real players. It might seem to be an upper hand for the players, but actually there is no higher advantage. The developers make sure that all players will have fair battle.

Quake Arena Arcade
This game might not be the latest, since it was released back in 2010. Still, in the time frame, this is the last game launched by id Software before the quake champions. This version accommodates those who love to play in Xbox. There is no significant change of the story line and battle arena. In total, the players could play in 40 different arenas. Most of them can be found on the previous series.

It might be difficult for a game to win the hearts of the young as well as the more experienced players. Luckily, it is not the case for quake series game. The developers knows how to please the audience and loyal players. Still doubt it? Just try the quake champions and quake arena arcade!

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