The Most Loved Quake Series Game

The Most Loved Quake Series Game

When the new players are looking for more information about quake series game, a long list of titles will come up. The oldest one dates back to 1999, and the latest one was released on last July. Now, which title is most loved by the worldwide players?

The Change
From the first game release, id Software sold the individual experience of first person shooter. It gives a sense of individual achievement. Years ago, this concept has no objection, as gaming hasn’t been a huge hit like the recent modern days. When computers and electronic develops further, the game concept should adjust as well.

Id Software decided to go with multi players concept. With huge fan base, quake game series have no big rejection from the fans. In fact, they love the changes, as they need to build new strategy and find new friends. Instead of a turn down, the players take the change as a positive challenge.

The Rewards
One of the reasons for players to shower so much love to quake iii arena is the reward in the end of the battle. As most players have noticed, not many games give reward for a perfect team work. It is as if the perfect team work itself is the reward. Quake III, however, has great rewards for completing the mission.

Aside from the rewards, the players might get excited to see how durable the arena is. It is the proof that the developer thoroughly thought about the best setting for the maximum experience. Even in many video channel, lots of experienced players give tips on how to launch different types of attack.

Back then, the quake series game was focusing on first person shooters thrill. It happened for years, until the developers decide to use multi players battle. The Quake III Arena is the first game to brace this concept. Worldwide players love this huge leap, which also brings the “most favorite” title.

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