The Year of Doom: QuakeCon 2019

The Year of Doom, QuakeCon 2019

The Year of Doom: QuakeCon 2019 – The event was held back in July this year for four days, from 25 to 28. Prior to the D-days, fans have been enthusiastic. Everyone was interested to attend or to watch it from home. Just as advertised before, this event has been a successful one with the entire expected highlights was offered in the event.
– Year of Doom
Scheduled to be released this year, Doom Eternal was a major highlight during the event. 2019 is going to be the 25th anniversary of the doom series, and it makes a decent number to celebrate anyway. Doom Eternal has been a popular games so far so famous. Since the announcement, the event organizer already talked about wonderful agendas related to this.

In addition to new information on the game, organizer mentioned several other plans including hands on demo of the game which excites millions of gamers, developer panels which is more like an awesome exhibition, and several exclusives, events, and activities that are Doom inspired.

– What to Expect
When the event was announced named after an id shooter, it was clear that attendants should expect the regular fun they get from this annual event. Plus, Quake was going to get a lot of attention. Attendants were assured to find bring-your-own-computer LAN party, which is a kind of tradition on this event, as well as tournaments!

This year is event was held in Texas. Learning from every year success, the organizer booked the best venue for the event. The attendants got to join the fun in Gaylond Texan Resort, and this event was opened for public and totally free, as usual.

– Surprises on the Schedule
In addition to the tournaments for Elder Scroll, attendants got to enjoy a lot more expected surprises including Quake Pro League, panel on the future of Fallout 76, and evolution of ESO, and more on Doom. To sum up the entire event, attendants enjoyed the BAWLS Chugging, Pick Your Pony station, Dirty Keyboard contest, quake Blind and Hot Seat, as well as BYOC Community tournaments and Youngblood 80s Twin Day.

The event was a major success with full house status every day. It isn’t a surprise that this event was a success, but people now expect something at least like this for the next year. What will they offer for next year?

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