Tips To Play Quake Series Game For Beginners

Tips To Play Quake Series Game For Beginners

Before playing quake series game, answer this question: is it the first time? If the answer is yes, step back and learn some tricks first. This step won’t be mentioned in the manual, but learning about the trick will surely give an upper hand. Get ready to receive all the knowledge!

The Characters
There are several avatar that the players could play. Each of them has weakness and strength. Make sure to pick the right warrior. For example, the doom slayer could blow the enemy with a punch during battle, but tend to stay quiet in the team. A nyx, on the other hand, move without being detected and slay the enemies smoothly.

The Weapons
First of all, check how the weapon picking system on the game. In some series, the players are allowed to take starting weapons and take more during the battle. Some other series, however, allows no additional weapon during the battle. What the players pick in the beginning will be their final weapon.

The most recommended weapon with heavy damage is shotgun and machine gun. Take one based on the character’s fighting style. A close range battle will require shotgun, while arena battle should be backed up with the machine gun. Lighting gun is also popular considering its accuracy.

The Game Modes
Be prepared to have a match with different modes. In total, there are seven modes in quake games. Most of them has the “survive or die” goal. Take an example from team deathmatch and 2×2 deathmatch. Even some safe battle such as capture the flag might not be as innocent as it seems.

It is exciting to play in a team. Well, probably not so much when one of the players is a newbie. He or she will be the weakest link, while quake series game requires a good team work. Hey beginners, just read the tricks above and get ready to play!

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