What is Quake and Why Do You Need To Know

What is Quake and Why Do You Need To Know

What is Quake and Why Do You Need To Know – Quake is one of the oldest first-person shooting game there is. Ever since its release in 1996, the game continued to grow into a series that is loved by all. In fact, it is so loved that there has been an annual competition using the game software alone!
• About Quake
As we have mentioned above, Quake is a first-person shooting game developed by id Software. First person means you become the main player to control the game, just considering that it was released in 1996 and thrived until today, the game can successfully be the oldest digital shooting game in existence.

Despite the fact that it is supposed to be the descendant of The Doom series, Quake is not overshadowed by its predecessor. In fact, it was able to produce several versions since the beginning of the franchise to this year. Good games are commonly like this. They aren’t overshadowed by any other games, like online online gambling at  aren’t overshadowed by the popularity of the online games.

Based on the software alone, the game had produced at least four different ones, which are Quake I, Quake II, Quake III Arena, and Quake 4. These four versions were developed with the intention to make a Player vs AI game. So, though the software was used in the tournaments, id Software continued to develop the series into something that suits PvP gaming more. So, Quake Live (2010) and later on Quake Champions (2018) was developed.

• The Fanbase
You read that correct, the game is still developing in 2018. So, despite being an old contender in a first-person shooting game, it is still very relevant even to the new wave of players. In fact, it is so relevant that there are forums on many different gaming websites that are still active, including Bethesda, Steam, and Doomworld. Yes, the game is thriving in a site of its predecessor! Not to mention, these forums don’t only focus on the latest arrival of the series, Quake Champions, there are also forums that focus on the older versions of the game and they are still active!

• The Annual Event
Interested to join the gargantuan fanbase of Quake? Well, you can simply join the forum. However, if you want something more, brace yourself for QuakeCon 2020. This event is a Quake’s annual championship with world-wide contestants.

The name might not be very popular worldwide, but Quake does have loyal fans. Though its popularity may be centered in America, this game is so popular to be able to hold a competition every year. In fact, the competitors don’t only come from America (though most did) and some even ended up as the champion of the tournaments.