Why Bettors Should Bet On Quake Pro League 2020

Why Bettors Should Bet On Quake Pro League 2020

Why Bettors Should Bet On Quake Pro League 2020 – As sports bettors, E-Sports are very profitable since many of its championships happen all year round and the schedule is regular. If you are looking for such a championship, you totally should try Quake Pro League! Wait, but why Quake Pro League? What makes is so profitable to e-sport bettors?

• What Is Quake Pro League?
Quake Pro League is a Quake championship hosted by FACEIT. Yes, it is actually a separate event to QuakeCon, the championship Quake is known for. What made the difference between the two is the system – QuakeCon offers offline championship where players can bring their own PC to join in, while Quake Pro League chooses 20 best players to compete for each other weekly and compete challengers outside the ranks every two months.

All of Quake Pro League’s competition is broadcasted and recorded by FACEIT Studio in Earlsfield, London. This is a huge event, that is also considered far more bigger than online slot games event with hundreds of online player.

• What Made It So Profitable?
Obviously, since there is weekly competition, bettors can regularly bet and gain money from it – this regular schedule already gave more profit compared to regular seasonal sports seasons. Second, players outside the ranks are given the chance to challenge the top players. That means the odds of the bets will keep on changing depending on the result of the competition, making it not boring to follow even on a regular basis.

• The Schedule
Are you ready to watch and bet on Quake Pro League? Then, you totally should know the competition schedules! The weekly competitions themselves are broadcasted online every Sunday from FACEIT’s platform. Exclusive for the ‘challenge day’, they are broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday. These challenge days are called ‘Stage’ and are conducted in November 2019, February 2020, May 2020, and August 2020 (on QuakeCon 2020). For detailed scheduling, see them on Quake’s official site: quake.bethesda.net.

• What If You Are Late?
What if you don’t follow the championship from the start? Don’t worry, FACEIT recorded all of the competitions! You can access them or the recaps from Quake’s official website as well. This is important for bettors since they need to learn about the current player’s abilities to create accurate predictions on the bet.

As Quake is a very popular game in America and Europe, the challengers are quite tough and often bring a fresh surprise to the competition. That’s why Quake Pro League is a good betting material – it’s simply never boring! Plus, even if you are late in the game, you can still watch FACEIT’s recorded broadcast.